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Talking Therapy with Rose

If you're moving through a challenging time in your life, or are seeking change and personal growth, Rose is here to help you to navigate the pathway forward. Qualified in Counselling and Psychotherapy PG Dip at The University of South Wales, as well as being a Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist, her thorough training has equipped her with the skills to provide a professional and supportive service. Her gentle nature enables you to explore your limitations without judgement, and can offer a different perspective, with a kind approach.

Rose uses an integrative model of counselling, with a person centred approach, which leans on various tools and practices such as those from mindfulness, yoga and breathing techniques, as well as CBT activities. When you work with Rose, she tailors her offerings to suit your interests and needs.

Face to face sessions are £70, online (via Zoom) and over the phone is £60 for 50 minutes, with subsidised places available for those facing financial hardship. Please get in touch to arrange a session, or to discuss payment options: or contact us here.

Not sure that sitting in a room for a chat is your thing? Get in touch if you'd like to Talk and Do - enjoy your therapy session whilst walking in nature, SUPing, or having a cuppa outdoors instead. I am a huge advocate for the healing powers of nature; and I love to see the benefits of pairing this with talking therapy. If this is something you'd like to benefit from, get in touch.


"I reached out to Rose at the time when everything felt like it was falling apart. Work was getting really busy with the coronavirus pandemic, everything was changing, the support systems that I usually had in place came to a halt. I went in expecting Rose to magically give me some remedy to fix my anxiety. Instead, over our sessions I found myself working through everything I was going through in the most gentle and understanding way. Rose was a listening ear and a skilled, insightful guide when I needed it. The world was still ever changing by the end of it but I felt much more grounded and able to roll with the punches. "

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