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Outreach Projects

As well as our public and corporate events, giving back is at the heart of Salt & Light Retreat, which is why a large part of our business is dedicating to reaching those who might otherwise struggle to access the wellbeing services that can truly change lives.

Previously, we have offered wellbeing services free publicly and for charities and organisations such as the Swansea Community Farm and Swansea Carers. Every public event provides two gifted spaces for anyone who would struggle to be there otherwise.

Our current outreach project, Salty Society, is our biggest yet. We are creating an eight week program to bring youths from more deprived areas of Swansea to enjoy Gower, and everything that it has to offer, in order to improve the ongoing wellbeing of the young people involved, whilst helping them to find a passion for nature - enabling them to become stewards of Gower.

The project involves the young people being provided with transport to attend an experience day once a week, for eight weeks. Each week the participants will be guided through activities that will boost their wellbeing, develop their resilience, and help them to connect to themselves, to nature and to one another. Each day will begin with yoga and self-development exercises (including journaling, team building, self-inquiry), an outdoor activity (including foraging, stand up paddle boarding, nature walks and more), and time spent dedicated to conservation and wildlife protection.

The young individuals will leave this experience with new skills both for enjoying and protecting our natural world, and for coping with daily life stressors. Through this pilot, we will evidence wellbeing benefits, impact on environmental attitudes, and immediate impact on local environment.

This project came about as our first lockdown restrictions began to ease, and our local beaches became overrun with litter. Unfortunately there was a very clear link between our young people congregating and the hoards of beach litter being left behind. The idea for Salty Society was brought about as a solution to tackle this problem, by helping our young people - who were enjoying nature, without comprehending the impact and devastation that they were leaving behind - to benefit from healthier activities in nature, where they become educated about the positive impact that we can have on our beautiful coastline. 

We believe that change in the world begins with change in ourselves, which is why our approach is both internal through self-development, and external through learning and immersion in nature.


If you feel passionate about helping those who haven't been afforded the opportunity to develop a strong passion for nature, or the space and support to grow as an individual, then please consider supporting our project. We are happy to speak with you in more detail about the project. If you have the means to contribute financially, please use the button below to connect via GoCardless and let us know how much you'd like to give. The amount is not debited immediately, you will be notified via email you once it has been processed. 


We are aiming to raise £5000, and here's what your money goes towards:


  • Outdoor Activities (Stand up Paddle Boarding, Nature Walks, Foraging, Woodcraft etc.)

  • Travel to & from site for participants

  • Equipment (Wellies, Gloves, Overalls)

  • Staff (Project Leader, Outdoor Educator, Yoga & Wellbeing Leader)

  • Lunches

Other Ways to Help us Make This Happen...

Do you work for a local business that may be able to support this project? Would you like to be part of it yourself? Get in touch via email to let us know that you'd like to help! You can also send a bank transfer if you'd like to support this financially - which means we receive the whole amount without any charges. We appreciate your support so much.

If you are a young person who may be eligible to take part in our project - please help us to understand the specific needs of our local community by answering these questions. It should only take a moment, and you can take part anonymously. 

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