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Big Plans for a Simple Life...

Portrait photo of Rose

My name is Rose, and I'm the founder of Salt & Light Retreat. My big dream is to offer various wellbeing services and a safe space for you to retreat to, in order to help more people live healthier, happier lives - and to make those services and spaces accessible to all

I have had the dream of running a retreat centre since my teens; before I even began practicing yoga I knew that I wanted to help people to be happy. I studied psychology at university, and left with a thirst for more understanding about mental health and environmental issues, as well as a fascination with the positive impact of nature on our physical health as well as our wellbeing. After returning from travelling in Southeast Asia, I began attending yoga classes as a way to prevent running injuries and gain a sense of calm. I soon realised that it would be a key element in my big dream. In 2016 I trained to become a yoga instructor, and have been teaching regular classes ever since. It is magic being able to help people find peace in a small part of their day or week, and I knew that I had something even bigger to offer. I began running day retreats in September 2017; and Salt & Light Retreat was born. 

Salt & Light Retreat is all about sharing simple ways to help improve daily life - from yoga, to healthy eating and self enquiry. It is so much more than just taking time out to forget about your worries; it's about giving you the tools to face those struggles when they do arise, and power through them as a peaceful warrior. There are five foundational pillars to Salt & Light Retreat's approach to wellness, they are nature, communitynourishment, movement and self. They are woven together throughout our events, creating a space for you to learn and grow.  These events are not only about allowing you to fill up your cup; you'll leave with your own cup overflowing, so that you can pour it out to others. 

As part of our reach-out, we offer two free spaces on nearly every event that we offer, alongside that we work with charities to create special events for service users for free and at reduced rates. We run regular free events for anybody to attend, such as walks and community dips, and we provide gifted access to our online content to anybody who would benefit from a variety of recorded practices, who is facing financial difficulty.

Looking ahead, Salt & Light Retreat is working hard to reach more people who desperately need space for self care, and tools to manage daily stressors. In time, we will acquire land, to build a natural, sustainable retreat centre; offering all of these facilities, as well as a community-hub, for all, in one special place. Until then, we have created an online space where this is a virtual reality. Check out our Connect Membership and join our community of wellbeing seekers. 

We are currently working on a project called Salty Society, which aims to improve the wellbeing and environmental attitudes of the young deprived people of our city; to help them to connect to themselves, to nature and to one another. See how you can get involved, and read more about it here.

If you like our ethos and would like to be part of our journey, or support the progress of this socially-focused business, please get in touch.

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