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About us...

Salt & Light Retreat is a home for healing, making wholesome living accessible to all. Offering retreat experiences, trainings and individual support, the goals of S&LR are to offer a wellbeing space, and a warm embrace to those who need it. Community is at the heart of the business, with yoga forming the foundations and a good dose of nature thrown in for good measure. Have a look around to see how we can help you, your team, or your community.


Here to help you not only fill up your cup, but allow it to overflow and pour out to others.

Sunset yoga partner yoga tree pose
Community sea dipping in Gower

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Moon gathering on the beach

Organise a bespoke experience

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Discuss personalised, 1-1 support

Moon gathering at beach taken from distance of group

Explore team wellbeing events

Head to our blog...and hear the stories behind the pictures of 1500 days of sea dipping!

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